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Freedom needs a little nursing

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Having received my RN license in 2007, I still am relatively young in ”
nursing years” which, as we all know, are different from “human years.” Human years are filled with happiness and sadness; birth and death; unbelievable stress and unending boredom; love and anger; sickness and, of course, the elusive good health.

Nursing years, too, are filled with all those things but then are multiplied by every patient for whom we have cared. Whether we are aware, through our eyes and ears, hands and hearts, voices and actions, we have gleaned time.

As a newer, second-career nurse, born of long days and night school, I came to this profession at the perfect time. Construction work (my original career) was becoming scarce and my children were being born, requiring better insurance and security. Nursing not only fulfilled these needs but also gave me something I had not realized was missing. I began to experience a sense of usefulness and vibrancy in my work. I felt the pride of being necessary and competent. I know there are many nurses who understand this feeling of humble importance. It’s a part of what we get back as nurses. Even when we are silently standing shadowed in the corner of a patient’s room during an all-important doctor-patient conference, we know they will look to us with questions afterward; questions that only we, as nurses, can answer. It’s OK to be proud.

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Andrew Tabussi, RN, is an occupational health nurse with the Federal Air Marshal Service Medical Programs Division in Egg Harbor, N.J.

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