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Focus on Occupational Health Nursing

Occupational Health Nursing refers to the application of nursing principles and procedures in providing health service to employees in their place of work through
  • Prompt and efficient nursing care of the ill and impaired
  • Participation in teaching health and safety practices on the job
  • Cooperation with plant department administrators
  • Keeping the health clinic and staff ready to handle emergencies; and
  • Advising workers in the utiliation of community and welfare services
Occupational Health Nursing aims to assist, maintain, and promote positive health of laborers and employees through early detection and prevention of occupational diseases and hazards of industrial processes and by coordinating and cooperating with activities of other community health and welfare services.
Nurses’s Role as Occupational Health Nurse

a.  Assists / participate in developing an adequate health program for workers and laborers including sound health education activities
b.  Encourages periodic physical examination
c.  Cooperates with occupational medical programs in the prevention of accidents as well as in the promotion of good working atmosphere and relationships in the place of work
d.  Helps in teaching others in giving good nursing care ro the sick or handicapped in their own homes.

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