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FNCP for Inadequate Living Space

Family Nursing Care Plan (FNCP) for families or people living in inadequate living space is very much needed in the Philippines considering the high price of housing in the Philippines as well as the prevalence of poverty in urbanized areas characterized by information settlers that are often cramped in unsanitary and illegal spaces. Inadequate living space particularly refers the crowding of family members in a house, which among others increases the risk of unhygienic practices as well as the susceptibility of family members to acquire easily communicable diseases to spread within the household.

The Family Nursing Care Plan is essentially aimed to create intervention measures to prevent or reduce the spread of communicable diseases and ultimately to make a clean environment or surroundings and bring decent hygienic living to people. The success of the FNCP would entail the close cooperation of all family members.

Topping the intervention program in the Family Nursing Care Plan for inadequate living space is maintaining the cleanliness of every area in the house or living space especially the kitchen. All members should contribute and ensure of cleaning the house from any dirt or clutter in the space. Cleaning specially pertains to areas in the house where water builds up and can potentially be breeding places for mosquitoes and other bacteria or fungi.

Ventilation of the living space should be achieved by placing sufficient windows to allow the free flow of air within the space. There should also be proper lighting because germs and bacteria thrive in dark areas. It would be ideal of the sunlight can be permitted to enter the living space.

Proper waste disposal should be promoted. Everything that is not needed should be thrown in the garbage, donated or sent to recycling areas. Family members should refrain from collecting unnecessary objects which only clutters the space and further decreases the breathing room in the space. In lieu of which, dwellers are encourage to minimize clothes, dispose broken appliances and pare down belongings.
To ensure sanitary food preparation, food storage facilities should be established. This is to ensure that food will not be infected with bacteria or germs. There should be proper toilet facility and proper drainage system. For public toilet facilities, there should be a designated caretaker to ensure that the toilet is consistently managed and cleaned.

Finally, family members in inadequate living space should maintain personal hygiene by taking regular baths and other personal necessities to ensure their health and the health of others. They should refrain from engaging in unhealthy behaviours like smoking which can easily cause second hand smoking to other members.

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