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Filipino Nurse Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for Filipino Nurses is a systematic guideline that identifies the values of the nursing profession as well as provide ethical practices of how nurses should behave or conduct themselves. The code is basically contained the Resolution No. 220 Series of 2004 entitled as Promulgation of Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses.

ARTICLE I – Preamble
Section 1 – Health is a fundamental right of every person and the Filipino registered nurse should treat every individual with dignity as a human being.
Section 2 – Nurses must have comprehensive knowledge of man’s cultural, social, spiritual, physiological, psychological, and ecological being to effectively facilitate care.
Section 3- Ethical conduct is practiced to attain respect and confidence of everyone

Section 4 – Nurses should respect, values, customs, and spiritual beliefs, Individual freedom and Personal information of patients.
Section 5 – The welfare and safety of patients take precedence over the need to respect individuality, spiritual beliefs, culture and even the right of individuals.

Section 6 – Human life is inviolable, quality and excellent care is the goals of nursing, accurate documentation is needed for establishing accountability.
Section 7 – Nurses should:
a. know the “Philippine Nursing Act of 2002” and its implementing regulation
b. know their duties and responsibilities as defined in the act
c. have the knowledge, skills and attitude to render professional nursing service
d. provide favorable environment for individual and professional growth
e. know nursing specialty certification programs
g. ensure nursing care and practice meet defined standards
h. ensure safety in nursing practice
i. are legally responsible for unlawful nursing practice.
j. ensure confidentiality of patients’ records unless required by law.
Section 8 – Registered Nurses must:
a. respect the “Patients’ Bill of Rights”
b. provide full transparency of information to patients or families
c. uphold the patients’ rights
Section 10 – Nurses perform work in the best interest of all
Section 11 – Nurses must:
a. perform duties in conformity with laws and rules.
b. not allow themselves to be used in advertisement
c. refuse bribes or favors
d. refuse commissions for referrals.
e. avoid any abuse of their profession

Section 12 – A nurse should work in harmony and in collaboration with healthcare team
Section 13 – Nurses must:
a. maintain their professional role
b. conform ethico-legal statndards
c. contribute to the professional growth
d. participate actively in professional organizations
e. not act against other professions.
f. maintain dignity of the nursing profession.
g. respect the rights of co-workers.

Section 14 – Nurse commit to preserve human rights and healthy environment and link with others to promote health.
Section 15 – Nurses must
a. know their duties as citizens
b. take active roles in community health care.
c. participate in community health programs
d. conform with the principles of right conduct and proper decorum.
e. project an respectable image at all times.

Section 16. Nurse must:
a. maintain loyal to the profession
b. comply with the by-laws of their professional organization
c. commit to continual learning
d. contribute to improve welfare of nurses.

Section 17. Nurse must
a. be a members of an Accredited Professional Organization
b. adhere to the nursing standards.
c. grow the profession
d. contribute in improving socio-economic and work conditions of nurses
e. demand for the implementation of labor and work standards.

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