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Emerging healthcare careers

Posted on December 2, 2014 | No Comments on Emerging healthcare careers

The healthcare profession is one of the most stable careers in the job industry.  Regardless of the economic conditions, healthcare jobs are constantly in demand and growing.  Because of the changing psychological, lifestyle, fashion and other demographical trends, new healthcare careers are emerging.  Here under are some of the emerging healthcare careers which can guide healthcare professionals in deciding what to specialize.

Nurse Clinical Specialists – because of advances in medical science and nursing, specialization is an emerging trend in the healthcare industry.  Nurses specialize on particular population (e.g. pediatrics, geriatrics), Setting (e.g. trauma nursing, emergency room/ ER ) Disease (e.g., diabetes), Type of Care (e.g. rehabilitation/ perianesthesia in the preoperative and postoperative care) or Type of Problem (e.g.  speech pathology).  This can be achieved by specialized training and accreditation examinations.

Holistic heath practitioners – are healthcare workers who provide comprehensive health and wellness healing which included nutrition, exercise and even the use of alternative medicine.  This also included helping clients quit smoking, regulate alcohol intake and manage stress. The demand for health and wellness are expected to continue to grow because of the aging population particularly of the baby boom generation in western countries.  Caregivers and gerontological nurses whose focus is on taking care of the elderly is one the fastest growing healthcare segments due to the aging population.  This category also included fitness experts who work with patients undergoing recovery procedures as well as ordinary people who are health and figure conscious.


Health informatics specialists – Due to the pervasiveness of technology in all human endeavors, health technology experts are also becoming a trend.  This included jobs that combine healthcare knowledge with computer and information systems.   These jobs develop expert information systems for medical diagnosis, monitoring and facilitating other healthcare services.

Patient advocates – these refers to healthcare professionals that provide assistance in going through the procedures of the Healthcare system such as in claiming for patient’s insurance, applying for government medical aids or coordinating with other organizations that provide assistance to particular health needs of people.

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