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Dignity in Nursing Care

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Dignity is central in nursing care because nurses primarily deal with the care of humans who have inherent rights and emotions. Dignity is the inherent intrinsic worth of human beings. Christians usually attribute dignity to man’s creation in the likeness or in the image of God. Moreover, human dignity exists in every individual by virtue of being human. Thus, regardless of one’s health or physical condition and social circumstances, one’s dignity should be preserved and maintain by the nurses. This means that the human dignity of a psycho or a mentally impaired person should equally be preserved during treatment as any ordinary human being.

That dignity in nursing care became an issue arose from the devaluation and discrimination of some payments in lieu of their natural or social circumstances. For instance, the dignity of rich people is preserved better than the poor patients or the dignity of a younger woman is preserved better compared to the elderly woman when the nude examination of the rich patient or younger woman is conducted privately while than of the poor patient or older woman is conducted less privately. Without dignity in nursing care, patients feel devalued, disrespected, insulted and having no sense of control over their bodies. They feel humiliated and embarrassed.

In order to facilitate the provision of dignity in nursing care, nurses should maintain respect, compassion and sensitivity to the patients at all times. Respect pertains to the need for nurses to understand that people have different attitudes and cultural beliefs about privacy. For instance, not everybody tolerates or is comfortable of getting naked in front of strangers. Compassionate pertains for ability to be sympathetic to the condition of the patient. By placing oneself in the patient’s shoes, one can better appreciate how to sympathize of the patients’ needs. Finally, sensitivity is also similar to knowing the situation of the patients.

Here are some general ways by which hospital institutions can facilitate in preserving of patient dignity: facilities should always be clean, there should be curtains to provide privacy, wards and toilets for men or women should be separated, gowns should be made in such a way to prevent accidental exposure; and discussions of certain serious matters should be made in a private manner.

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