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Comprehensive Application Letter Nurses

An application letter as the name implies is a letter used to convey the message that the sender is applying for something for a program (e.g. scholarship program), admission to a university, or more usually for a job. Application letter for a job is also called a cover letter, which accompanies the sender’s curriculum vitae, resume and other credentials in applying for a job. As a cover letter, the application letter essentially serves as the principal document that the receiver will read to know the purpose of the sender. It also provides a short description of the other documents included in the application.

In the nursing profession, an application letter is conventionally included as cover letter to an application. Conventional because in the digital world, job sites allow applicants to send their resumes to prospective employers through a simple click of the mouse and without need of including an application letter. However, in more competitive positions and hospitals, a formal comprehensive application letter is required in applying for a job.

This comprehensive letter essentially provides a complete information about the sender specifically explaining one’s qualifications and citing reasons why one is most qualified for the job. A typical comprehensive application letter normally includes what you are applying for, one’s qualifications, skills and experiences that makes one a good fit for the job. It would be better to highlight one’s major achievements that helps one to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Moreover, the qualifications to be highlighted should apparently relate directly to the position applying for. For instance, you don’t say that you won first place in your town’s beauty contest when you are applying for a nursing profession. It doesn’t relate. And finally, the application often ends up with a closing remark expressing one’s forward interest or hope for a positive response. As a final note, while the comprehensive application letter may be detailed and complete, one should make sure that the application will just be one page long.

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