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Code of Ethics Nursing In Egypt

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Nursing ethics refers to the principles or standards that guide or direct appropriate conduct in the practice of the nursing professions particularly in relating or treating humans for the protection of their rights.  In Egypt where majority of the population are Muslims basically adheres to the religious principles of Islam in the establishment of the Nursing Code of Ethics. This code of Ethics is particularly taken in  Al-Ma’idah 5:32 of the Koran which reads,  “If anyone has saved a life, it would be as if he has saved the life of the whole of mankind” .  Such verse reflects how Egyptians put high premium and respect to healthcare providers including nurses.  Such respect emanates from the Islamic perspective of placing high importance and holiness to individual life.

As one of the Abrahamic religions, Islam shared the belief with Christians and Jews that  people are God’s creations.  Man particularly, Adam was created out of corporeal matter and God breathed life to such creation from his own soul to be alive.  The point here is that every individual partakes of the holiness of God because it is God who provided spirit to every person regardless of religion, race, creed, color or political belief.  In lieu of which, Egyptian Muslim nurses must treat and maintain the holiness of every patients’ soul and body, which considered as the temple of God.  Respect to the individual soul is the encompassing Nursing Code of Ethics in Egypt or in any Islamic nation for that matter.  The soul is what makes a person alive, which God takes when people die.

Following this credo, Egyptian nurses must therefore equally treat their patients with utmost compassion and unparalleled mercy regardless to one’s religious beliefs, political beliefs, racial ethnicity, gender and financial situation.  Egyptian nurses highlight the need for them to treat people equally as equal creations of God.   In particular, a nurse must deal with their patients gently with the mercy of Allah.  This means that nurses should essentially follow the example of Mohammed in displaying and providing compassion and mercy with their patients.

In a nutshell, the nursing code Ethics essentially is established on the laws of Islam. Nurses must be very kindhearted, sympathetic and emphatic with their patients.  It goes without saying that nurses should also be pleased with their profession and must take pride of their dignified and righteous service they give to people. They must maintain a great deal of self-respect and sense of honor towards themselves as a person and their profession as nurses for them to effectively provide respect and honor toward their patients. And more importantly as Muslims, their conduct should serve as model for all people.

With many Christian nurses working in Egypt today including Filipino nurses, non Muslim nurses are also expected to heed or adhere this basic nursing code of ethics in Egypt.  After all, this nursing code of ethics is universally applicable to all people around the world.

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