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Changing Your Career for Nursing

Posted on November 26, 2014 | No Comments on Changing Your Career for Nursing

There are many reasons why one would want to change a career in nursing such as the strong demand or employment opportunities abroad, high salary prospects, and more meaningful work to society.  However, changing one’s career is not as easy as turning a left or right direction. Instead, it’s a decision that entails a lot of pondering because of the many issues that are involved.  First of, changing a career for nursing definitely requires intensive study.  Whether one wants to be a license practical nurse or a registered nurse, there are different paths that one can take that would definitely suit one’s current educational level.

There are basically two paths for becoming a nurse. Directly by taking a college course in nursing in which one can earn a diploma in nursing or indirectly by taking a vocational course on midwifery, practical nursing, or associate nursing in any TESDA school then continuing the modular studies towards attaining a degree or diploma in nursing.  One’s previous educational level and course also affects the path one takes.   A high school graduate would obviously start from scratch when pursuing a college degree like nursing.  This means one needs to take and complete all the required subjects and prerequisites to earn the diploma.   On other hand,  a professional who may have a degree in a medical related course such as biology, medical technology and similar courses, may be able to have some of the subjects one had taken in college credited already, which will definitely save one time and money in getting a nursing degree. After getting the diploma, one then needs to acquire a license by passing the PRC board exams.  Some may even need to study further for advance practices in nursing.  Because of the need for study to change one’s career for nursing, money and time would definitely be an issue.  Aside from escalating costs of the tuition and miscellaneous fees, one should also consider the cost of living allowance, which is even bigger.

Changing one’s career for nursing is definitely a major decision that will entail a great deal of effort because of the need to study as well as financial resources needed to support the study.  After obtaining a nursing a degree and license, one also needs to contend with the multitude of nursing graduates who are closely competing against each other because of the scarcity of job opportunities available.  But if one is driven to change one’s career for finding fulfillment in serving people, then a career in nursing is definitely worth it.

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