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A Rewarding Career As a Midwife

Posted on February 8, 2015 | No Comments on A Rewarding Career As a Midwife

The midwife profession is one of the most underestimated medical practices in the world despite is its extreme value to society.  Unknown to many, the practice of Midwifery had been an age old profession even before the notion of medicine or even medical profession had been conceptualized.  Midwifery had been the traditional help for humans to give birth since ancient times.

Midwifery pertains to the healthcare provision to pregnant women before and after giving birth.  This includes giving sufficient support and care to women during pregnancy, helping women during labor and birth and providing care during the postpartum period. While the job is as complex as it is, midwifery is indeed a rewarding career choice.

First of, midwifery is not simply about helping people to give birth.  It is about helping a new person to be brought into this world. It is partaking to God’s giving of the gift of life to a person.  Midwives are instruments of God in bringing the gift of life to a person and the gift of a child to parents.

Secondly, childbirth is not merely a gift to the family.  It is a gift to humanity.  Procreation in child birth is assurance for the continuation of the human race.  And because these new births are the future of society, midwives in a way partake in bringing new hope for society.

Thirdly, childbirth is considered as one of essences of being a woman.  It is a distinguishing characteristic of woman compared to the male sex or compared to the third sex for that matter. Whereas transvestites may have blurred the notion of female beauty as they are now allowed to join female beauty pageants, the ability to give birth remains a purely woman experience.  And childbirth is the transition of a woman to motherhood.  Midwives take the honor and pleasure of being part of that sacred woman experience.

Finally, just like any other healthcare worker, midwives provides its services in a time when people at most vulnerable and defenseless, which makes one’s value more inherently precious and closely dear to the people he/ she serves.  This indeed allows one to see one’s niche in the grand plan of things that brings meaning and self fulfillment in life.

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