AtlantiCare Medical Center

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AtlantiCare is dedicated to improving the health of our community. From our teaching hospitals to our childcare centers to our affordable health insurance plans, all of AtlantiCare’s programs and services are designed to offer our community—one resident at a time—the health and wellness services it needs and wants. More than 4,000 team members deliver exceptional […]

Healthsource Global Staffing

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Healthsource Global Staffing brings nurses to the US for great careers in nursing. They provide free immigration, housing, licensure and travel — all with a smile! Location: Healthsource Global Staffing 2201 Walnut Avenue Suite 220 Fremont, CA 94538 USA


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Nurselearn is a nurse-owned company that grew out of the experience of a seasoned staff development nurse who spent several years working in small hospitals, large tertiary care teaching hospitals and county and State healthcare facilities. Many of these institutions, especially small and rural agencies, struggle to provide a wide variety of educational experiences and […]


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Entralink offers NCLEX-RN and CGFNS reviews. – Gain Confidence & Learn from a Harvard Graudate Test Specialist >> What the test writers are looking for >> How to improve your guesses >> How to avoid the most common test-taking mistakes >> How to study to improve your chance of passing the first time – Your […]

Saint Mary’s Nursing

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Saint Mary’s Nursing has skilled physicians and nursing staff; training programs for registered nurses seeking professional advancement. Saint Mary’s Health Care offers its nursing staff the opportunity to perform at their best, along with the tools to accomplish their best. Because, they pride themselves on being a facility where nurses experience the flexibility of abundant […]

Al Adwani General Hospital

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The Al-Adwani General Hospital is a 100 bed private tertiary hospital owned and managed by Mr. Abdullah Al Adwani. It is one of the 127 private hospitals in Saudi Arabia. The Al Adwani General Hospital envisions itself to become one of the best healthcare institutions in Saudi, which is comprised of a regular team of […]

MNL Migration Consultancy

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MNL Migration Consultancy can assist you obtain your Registration as a Nurse in Australia. At some stage of the process, they can get you a temporary visa to work while completing your requirements for registration in Australia. MNL Migration Consultancy can also assist you and your family obtain a permanent residency. Location: MNL Migration Consultancy […]

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital USA

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Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital is a Public District Hospital which is part of the Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. The healthcare system is an integrated network of health care programs, services and facilities situated near historic Old Town Salinas. At the core of the system is a 269-bed acute care hospital with several distinct specializations […]

Nursing Review

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Nursing Review is New Zealand’s independent nursing newspaper, keeping nurses up-to-date with developments affecting their profession. Published every month, it provides news, analysis, feature articles and a forum for readers’ letters and opinions. Nursing Review has strong links with its sister publication of the same name in Australia. The paper is published by APN Educational […]

Nursing Care Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy is a medical therapy that use chemicals for the treatment of disease and parasites which is usually used for treating cancer. Different types of “cancer” entails different chemotherapy procedures/ administration using different types of chemotherapeutic agents or chemicals. Nursing care in Chemotherapy starts with a systematic knowledge of the patients condition, objectives of the […]

Health All Development International (HADI) Mission

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The Health All Development International (HADI) Mission is an international extension of the HADI Foundation Inc. (HADI-F) which is a humanitarian, non-profit, nongovernmental organization registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Philippines. Its purposes are to permanently stop the violence and destruction of living conditions, to quickly reduce the suffering of the communities, and […]

PeopleCare Consulting

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A Filipino business engaged in immigration consulting whose services includes visa assistance for Landed Immigrant, Visitors, Students and Entrepreneur or Business Visa. PeopleCare Consulting also offers job placement assistance for Nurses, Midwives, Nursing Assistants and Caregivers in Canada and other foreign countries. The consulting firm maintains manpower-pooling database for Filipino Nurses, Caregivers, Nursing Aides, and […]

Professional Healthcare Resources

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Professional Healthcare Resources is a group of highly experienced professionals dedicated to helping people live better lives. Professional Healthcare Resources delivers Home Healthcare Services to recovering, disabled or chronically ill persons and are committed to improving their quality-of-life by offering a wide range of services including nursing, medical social work, therapy and even personal care […]


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Healthway offers a whole range of multi-specialty medical services right in one location with a one-stop-shop approach. There is no need to go to another building or another floor just to get to a specialist or to have a test done. Patients have access to in-demand diagnostic facilities such as laboratory, x-ray, ultrasound, ECG, treadmill […]

Best Caregivers Group

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Best Caregivers Group, Inc. is a private homecare agency that provides non-medical care to clients in Chicago and the suburbs. Health and home care services are available on a short-term or long-term basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Best Caregivers Group caregivers’ work schedules can be arranged to suit the client’s needs. […]

Nurses Plus

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Nurses Plus Inc. was founded in August of 1995, and continues to grow. Nurses Plus is Medicare certified, and service LA and Orange counties. Nurses Plus provides Skilled Nursing, Medical Social Services and Home Health Aides, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Diet Counseling/Nutrition. Nurses Plus staff are highly trained and multi-lingual to assist […]

Precision CARE Management

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Precision CARE Management is a company composed of a group of highly trained professionals that specializes in handling a wide range of intricate multi system challenges in the healthcare industry. Precision CARE Management’s “A” list group of professionals are pioneers specializing in provisions of Long Term Care Services which includes free standing or hospital based […]

Critical Care Nursing Australia

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Since 1990, the Critical Care Nursing Australia has been the leading provider of specialist nursing staff throughout Australia. Their agency is universally respected by all leading hospitals as a continually reliable source of quality nursing personnel. Critical Care is run by a team of qualified nursing staff who have extensive experience, a genuine understanding of […]

J. Rooz Review Center

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J. Rooz Review Center offers the following review services: CGFNS/NCLEX Review – CGFNS/NCLEX Board Passer Excellent Lectures -Complete didactics, interactions, diagnostics and rationalization – Final coaching & grand rationalization at the end of the program – Free review materials and use of computer for NCLEx – Limited number of seats only – Unlimited number of […]

Nursing Staffing Agency

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The Nursing staffing Agency is an international nursing agency helping nurses to find their best permanent and temporary jobs available in various healthcare facilities worldwide. Nursing staffing Agency places nurses from all over the world into long and short term nurse staffing jobs suited to their expertise and nursing background. Their staffing agency is currently […]