Dignity in Nursing Care

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Dignity is central in nursing care because nurses primarily deal with the care of humans who have inherent rights and emotions. Dignity is the inherent intrinsic worth of human beings. Christians usually attribute dignity to man’s creation in the likeness or in the image of God. Moreover, human dignity exists in every individual by virtue […]

Focus on Patient Confidentiality

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Patient confidentiality is the right of an individual patient to have his/ her medical and personal information/ data kept private or not disclosed without one’s specific consent or permission. This information is usually only available only to healthcare provider/ physician or insurance. This right is also protected by law thus, a violation of patient confidentiality […]

Training Course on Health Management-Improving Decentralized Health Services

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What: Training Course ‘Health Management – Improving Decentralised Health Services” Where: Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Ateneo Professional Schools Rockwell Center, Makati When: May 17 – June 11, 2010 The course is designed for health managers working in decentralised public health systems, in health services and structures with enlarged responsibilities or in health management training […]

Staff Nurses for Egypt

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Company: Kirsten Recruitment A State-of-the-Art private hospital in Cairo, Egypt is in need of STAFF NURSES Qualifications: – ICU/CCU, Medical/ Surgical Ward, ER – Male or Female – Minimum of 2 yrs hospital based experience Employers representative will conduct interview in Manila on March 5-6, 2007 and in Cebu on March 8-9,2007 “Over ONE HUDRED […]

Emerging healthcare careers

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Taking care of HIV patients

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At the moment, medical science has not yet found a categorical cure against AIDS.  While isolated, rare and miraculous stories of healing had occurred, taking care of HIV patients remain as the best way for HIV patients to live normal and healthy lives.  HIV per se is not deadly.  However, having HIV makes the body […]

Medical needs of Call Centers

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Most companies simply hire a healthcare professional, sometimes a regular nurse and sometimes a doctor paid on a retainer’s basis in order to comply to the Occupational Safety and Health provisions of the labor code.  However, it must be noted that those health workers working for occupational safety should not be ordinary physicians or ordinary […]

What You Need to Know About CGFNS Exam

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There are people who are saying that it is impractical to get a nursing course these days because there are so many nursing graduates who can’t get a job in our native land and in other countries as well. In spite of all these, students still consider taking this course in the hope that this […]

Getting job for new qualified nurses

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Every year, there are thousands of newly qualified nurses that are produced in the Philippines who in turn join the million more Filipinos in the labor market looking for jobs.  In short, there is an obvious difficulty of getting a job even for qualified nurses in the Philippines.  Are there really no available jobs for […]

ADNEP Diabetes Education Training for 2010

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Patient Safety – Who Decides?

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Patient safety is a modern medical discipline that draws attention to the documentation, investigation, and prevention of medical blunders or miscalculations that can result to serious harm to patients. It is a fundamental tenet of health care because it can defeat the very essence of healthcare. Instead of curing illness or promoting health, medical practice can worsen the […]

How to educate the next generation of nurses

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This is not to suggest that the quality of nursing education is deteriorating. Instead, while the nursing education has enormously improved over the past years in general, it is always open for further improvements. How do we further improve the next generation of nurses? Enjoin the best. With the growing role of nurses in the healthcare provision, […]

Why Nursing School is the Right Choice for You

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Why nursing school is the right choice for many individuals who wanted to have a degree in nursing.  Choosing the right school to enroll is very important for a student to mold or shape his/her career as a nurse.  Being a professional nurse entails a lot of money, time, studies, sacrifices, planning, hardworking, training and […]

Resume Tips for Health Care Professionals

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The healthcare profession has taken leaps in terms of advancements in the last two decades as healthcare institutions are increasingly becoming perceptive in controlling cost and boosting productivity. Funding support especially from government organization had curtailed subsidies and allowable expenses, which one’s healthcare resume must consider and reflect an understanding of these trends.  Generally, one’s […]

The Value of Medical Telemarketing Service to Health Care Industry

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Value or the worth of being a telemarketer in the service health care industry is very important for the medical institutions.  It helps them to broaden their choices or the knowledge on how it works, how it’s done, how to use and other medical terms the product or services use.  Telemarketing is very powerful medium […]

Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI)

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Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI) is a fast- growing international school based in the Philippines with offices in various countries across the world. Cleverlearn is an American-owned ESL school, founded in 1999 in Sta. Monica, California, USA. Started its Philippine operations, Cebu City, Ramos Campus in 2005 and have expanded to Mactan, Cebu on June […]

Changing Your Career for Nursing

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There are many reasons why one would want to change a career in nursing such as the strong demand or employment opportunities abroad, high salary prospects, and more meaningful work to society.  However, changing one’s career is not as easy as turning a left or right direction. Instead, it’s a decision that entails a lot […]

So You Want To Be a Nurse When You Grow Up?

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Every child’s dream when they were still young was to help the person who‘s in needs.  Ask them the question what is their ambition in life, without hesitations they will answers back “I want to be a nurse when I grow up”.  This scenario inculcates in their minds and upon finishing their high school education […]

Freedom needs a little nursing

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  Having received my RN license in 2007, I still am relatively young in ” nursing years” which, as we all know, are different from “human years.” Human years are filled with happiness and sadness; birth and death; unbelievable stress and unending boredom; love and anger; sickness and, of course, the elusive good health. Nursing […]

Aspirin similar to warfarin in stroke prevention

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